how do you think guys?
me do pattern...
hehe not bad for beginner rite?
sorry for the small size...


book jacket

this is my project for book jacket but they don't pick this one
well i will show you the one that they use if i got the book in my hand
i will photograph it for you guys ^o^

love the strawberry

i finish my two project now...
one more to do n wait for the upcoming one ^o^


introduce sortee

aren't they cute? i love make ciute character...
they are all look adorable..

so now i've been busy with commission work lately..
i have 3 project to do.. after all the vacation and holiday...
i definitely need it hahaha so i love it.... ^o^
hehe will upload about it later..

gratitude mode on...
life is so wonderful..
hope you all bless with all happines



Photography Lover

candid photo by Martin Altanie
location: Kawah Putih, Bandung
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