my first exhibition

i'm just browsing my old folder in my computer
then i found this image from my first exhibition

and this is some my work for the exhibition
i was doing book's illustration
about contemplation from St. Theresia Lisieux

i want to be forget not only by everyone but also by me

clown} all i do in this world is to please God and to save souls

marionette} i give all my self to do His will
He know the best for me
, all His plan is the best
His will is my will

please let Your Love grow in me
complete what less on my love
full my empty hand with Your Love


Wacom thank you contest

he he he again it's old story (the end 2007)
about the contest that i joined and won the grand prize yippie that's a great memory...

It's first time i joined big competition and i won...
phew this is the beginning... and i know i still have a long journey to go on
but it good start.. ^o^

i copied from the wacom community web

Ithaca contest and exhibition

hey... it's happens few months ago..
i joined competition and end become one of finalist...
even though not win it, but my work is exhibited in Ithaca, Greece
here;s my work and the pic of the exhibit.
and the theme is DREAM

the exhibition with my work
my works: Dream


brainstorm in nite???

have a brainstorm in office recently, on late nite..
n you know... it's not effective enough... i always laugh,
my friend irene yawn all the time,
erig just stand still don't make any sound,
and anta blend with the sofa...
guess we were so tired that time and really want to go home...

irene saputra do the sketch and then i complete it...
thanks to u all friends ...

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