new hair series 10 n 11

i really enjoying my time doing this series..
so far it's been 11 images now
and will be more of course


My Work in Print for SALE

Hello everybody I start to sell my artworks as limited print edition..
There You can see on the left side some of the artwork...
You can choose another artwork at my gallery
Well if you need more information just mail me

O yeah i have a plan to do some wooden figure
for toys, mobile phone chain, etc..from my ciute character
but i not yet decide which one that will be the first
Please keep in touch for the new update...

new hair series 9


My Art in Curvy Book 6 - 2009

this is my first book... yeah...
it's always exciting to feeling first time
i really excited when i tear the mail envelope
n looking page where my art is featured... hehe
the other book is waiting though ...
can't wait to see it too
love ya...


new hair cut series 5

update news

hey i want to update some news...
Upcoming book and magazine plan
1.featured on Computer Arts China edition magz for the next issue
2. featured on fashion design book published
by Germany publisher Zeixs

will talk about it to you later :D

new hair cut series 4


infectious submission

hehe this time i trying something new
i submitted my art for skate decks..
so what do you think
icy cherry
it would be lovely if you vote for me in this link

strawberry's girl
it would be lovely if you vote for me in this link


New hair cut Series 2

This series happen because i just cut my hair like that..
flat pony..

somehow i feels it's looks like Asian Girl..


Clown - Happy Maker

whatever he do is to please people
no matter what he feels inside
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