gone with the wind

cross to my mind
what if i can go with the wind
visit places that i never go
see how beautiful world is
meet with people around the world
share story with them
make a memoirs to remember


Love... can be tricky

is it true love then?
true love doesn't need you to change
or to follow other people orders and wants


I'll be on Curvy 6

I'm gonna be featured in this awesome and great great book
it's like a dream come true
love love love it...
and i'm plan to join the exhibition... on April
so must to prepare now... *o*

YEN brings you an exhibition and book featuring 100 of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world. Your favourite annual ALL-GIRL art book, CURVY - created by the team behind YEN MAGAZINE - has been kicking up a creative storm since 2003 and we are now calling out for submissions for the 6th edition. CURVY remains an international favourite amongst lovers of art and supporters of female artists. Each year the book features 100 of the most exciting female graphic designers and illustrators from over 20 countries around the world! CURVY is a must for anyone passionate about graphic design and illustration that wants to be inspired by a new generation of outstanding female creative talent. Produced by YEN magazine - CURVY kicks off in April & consists of a cool limited edition book and a national event tour.



contemplation illustration

it's not because your title or your job that value you
be your self as best as you can

than the true beauty will comes out

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