Kawaii Cupcakes

kawaiii... *o*


Shoes Shoes n Shoes ^o^

really really love shoes...
some shoes even i haven't used it yet

my painting on the wall

it's hidden...
i'm painting this small picture in my room...
but it's make me think that maybe i will make it big ... *o*


as deer thirst for flowing river

as deer thirst for the flowing river
so is my heart and soul God

through Your Presence i know happiness in life
in life i see Your love always there for me
with Your Love i walk my life in step
step that make me closer to You
stay in the beauty of your love


stuff stuff ****o****

hey take a peek on my things !!!

i wanna show some of my stuff that helps me to do my works

and this one of the things that keep me inspire
yeah my book they give me lots of story..
i really love all my stuff... *o*

Big Face

this piece is experimental things...
i made it with sponge instead of brush..
but still on water color
this piece can be printed on big size.. 22" X 30 "


sexy little black hair...

pinky dot pinky dot
for fashion illustration series


black bird

black bird.. black bird..
come to me..
let's dance under the rain
let the music guide our step
blown away all my loneliness


where your teasure is where your heart is

Not every person have same concept
about what’s the most important “TREASURE ” in life.
But there’s something for sure
where your treasure is where your heart will be.

When you find the key to open the treasure
and put your heart back to it belongs right close to you
then you’re millionaire.

You’re King of yourself
and feels the harmonious and joy with this world.


Go Green

Go Green !! for better world
Green Green *o*


Curvy Exhibition Update and My Work

SYDNEY Launch:
Thursday April 2nd
Mori Gallery 168 Day Street Sydney
(on the edge of China Town & Darling Harbour)


This is my work that i send for curvy exhibition
all this print is signed, numbered and framed to be sell in the event


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