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HELLOOO!!!! i'm melani olivia an illustrator and designer from indonesia. I live in a gift everyday, and try to put it on my work with love n my heart, with spoonful of joy and excitement.Hope u'll enjoy scrolling through my posts on art, illustration, design, graphic, and fashion. I welcome emails and comments *o*. Thanks for visiting! CHEERS

Exhibition :
• Brangerous "ICE" Exhibition- Surabaya, Indonesia 2011
• Drawgasmic Exhibition by Cranky Yellow Publishing - St.Louis, MO 2010
• 4 x 6 International Post Card Exhibition, by That Gallery-Hongkong - 2010
• Curvy National Tour Exhibition by Yen Magazines, Sydney - Australia - 2009
• Ten Images for Ithaca 2008, Ithaca, BIOS Athena-Greece
• The 9th Final Project of Visual Communication Design Petra Christian University 

   Indonesia- 2006


• Exposure in Computer Arts UK 183 
• Featured in wow magazine 2010
• Featured in New Fashion Design Book by Zeixs 2009
• Featured in Computer Arts China - July 2009
• Featured in CURVY 6 2009
    (For the past 5 years CURVY book has featured 100 of the most exciting female 

     graphic designers and illustrators around the world) 
• Finalist of  Ten Images for Ithaca 2008
• Grand Prize Winner on Wacom Thank You Postcard Contest 2008
• Second Places on Charles Perrault’s sleeping beauty Illustration contest 2008

• Silver Award - Book Illustration on The 9th Final Project of Visual Communication Design 
   Petra Christian University 2006

miss [dot] oliv [at] gmail [dot] com

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