the circle of light

i do love circle of light
i'm not sure why but i love the light behind a car window
especially when it rains
and the light that looks blurred and create some circle shape
behind some focus object..
haha but it's not easy to get
u  need some "good" camera sometimes


the new headband

okay since the new sewing machine is coming so this is the result...
some cute headband..
there is more of it, i upload it later
the price is around  $10 (if u want to buy it)
} mel's update news {
been doing some cute project recently...*illustration
i miss to paint and sketch though... >o<
have been busy running family business this month..
have some travel project too in 2012
well thank you all

melani olivia


oprah winfrey...^o^

i just see in my tv cable that is gonna be farewell season for oprah winfrey show
suddenly i just want to draw her.. n put her in my icon collection
just wondering what will she do next
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