Christmas Night

Merry Christmas everyone



the hardest part is to do the wording... hehehe


don't hide your heart

show it to the world who you really are ^o^


White Christmas




healthy life n better knowledge

let's create our better life


book jacket: sparring partners

book jacket for American Publisher

Book Jacket: a forest of dreams

a book jacket for American Publisher


Christmas Season


carrie bradshaw

hehe i'm totally just have fun..


marilyn monroe



Word Card for Sale...

WDC 001

WDC 002

 WDC 003

 WDC 004

stationery product for sale
size: 3,2 x 10,2 cm
price: 20.000 IDR
and additional 10.000 IDR for the tag (acrylic) max 8 character
it's not include shipping cost

for order and more information please contact to miss.oliv@gmail.com


in the mood for romance

is it true?
that when you fall in love
everything seems so beautiful
heart's blossom




panda bear

The Beautiful islands: derawan, maratua, kakaban, sangalaki

Derawan Island to go to this island you should take a flight to Balikpapan-East Kalimantan(Borneo) then take another flight with small plane to tanjung batu then from tanjung batu port use speed boat to the island..

Penyu Ijo - derawan island superstar

we're so lucky to see the baby sea turtle back to the ocean

the water is so clear you can see the fish swimming from the pier

Maratua Island (Paradise)
Beautiful resort..
Kakaban island
This island is protected by wwf
from outside is look like forest
but in the inside there is lake with jellyfish
that won't harm being touch by human
in this world only 2 places have this species
and one is in here

in the middle of the sea
we found some sand island
there is only sand there

Sangalaki Island
i can't take picture there
i'm too excited to snorkle with big manta ray about 3 m in the sea

PS: sorry for my english...
the real places is more beautiful than my photo...
really good place for snorkling n diving


Light Insomnia inspire to make cute owl

since for this few weeks i have some light insomnia..
i decide to make cute owl..
well late sleep, wake up late

but soon i will go on vacation to derawan island..
it's small island around east kalimantan
people say this island have beautiful scenery
especially under the sea, manta rays, sea turtle, coral, etc
Indonesia really have lots of beautiful places like this
such as Komodo, Bunaken, etc and don't forget Bali
i will share the picture with you as soon as i get back from there


holga time

my sweet holga
it's been long time not use it..
plan to use it on my next trip..
it's holga time


ciute catie


Vintage Girl

always fun to do something that you love



how do you think guys?
me do pattern...
hehe not bad for beginner rite?
sorry for the small size...


book jacket

this is my project for book jacket but they don't pick this one
well i will show you the one that they use if i got the book in my hand
i will photograph it for you guys ^o^

love the strawberry

i finish my two project now...
one more to do n wait for the upcoming one ^o^


introduce sortee

aren't they cute? i love make ciute character...
they are all look adorable..

so now i've been busy with commission work lately..
i have 3 project to do.. after all the vacation and holiday...
i definitely need it hahaha so i love it.... ^o^
hehe will upload about it later..

gratitude mode on...
life is so wonderful..
hope you all bless with all happines



Photography Lover

candid photo by Martin Altanie
location: Kawah Putih, Bandung


Orange n Green

this quick draw...


Mel in Narcis Way

hehe so this is the new hair cut
that make me inspire
doing lots2 fashion series illustration with girl in flat pony :D
taken when i was waiting my friend
to go to airport and traveling to Thailand

My First Interview

Aghh finally i have it in my hand...
my first interview.. put a big smile in my face *o*
so here it is..
too bad i can't read Chinese words
hope will have more like this..



new hair series 10 n 11

i really enjoying my time doing this series..
so far it's been 11 images now
and will be more of course
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